Walking toward Philips Arena, you could feel the electricity in the air as the spectrum from tweeners to cougars roam the streets in bright neon, animal print, sexy wear.

Eva Simons

Anyone that has gone to a club, sports event, or celebration is sure to have heard the Party Rock Anthem. The two front men who are Redfoo and Sky Blu in LMFAO (according to the duo stands for Loving My Friends And Others) raised the roof off of Phillips Arena on June 20.

Matthew Koma

Sydney Samson

The warm up act was Far East Movement, who hit Fly as a G6, which is a funky upbeat tune. They got the packed crowd going and ended with the announcement of their new album Dirty Bass.

The crowd was as interesting as the show as you wanted to scream “geeks unite”, big oversize glasses, jazzed fro frizzed hair and what looked like parachute pants ruled the day.  I loved and was tempted to get one of those oversize rapper chains that had a car plate that stated “I am sexy and I know it!” or “I work out”.

At a bit after nine the main act came out with the same first track of their CD album Rock the Beat it and hit it hard for over an hour.

Glo sticks were tossed into the audience and the lights went low when a flash came over the big screen and simple stage design.  The best thing about LMFAO, no gimmicks, simply fast intense beats that make you want to jump up and down.

No apology for this crazy tune as appropriately kicked off with Sorry For Party Rocking.

Front man Red Foo, who wears the big glasses and fro, said it was good to be in Atlanta and they had a special guest. When before you know it, in a bright yellow polo shirt Lil’ Jon came out to sing his signature hook, “shots, shots, shots,” which the crowd moved in unison.

Celebrating good times and the joy of drinking your favorite cool one, LMFAO blasted the audience with champagne as they sung Champagne Showers.  On the big screen, Will.I.Am, Groonrock, and Eva Simons delved into Best Nights in a mix old school music video and live score.

With all the high energy tunes the crowd was pushed into overdrive with their hit and the one that went all the way to Superbowl XLVI with Madonna in Party Rock Anthem that was mixed with sensory overload with flying giant plastic zebras, volley balls, and confetti showering from above.

When the show slowed down to a halt, the crowd kept screaming when Redfoo came out and said that no matter what he sings the audience focuses on one part of his anatomy. So he set up the set to kick off his signature move and tune Sexy and I know it where he wiggled his bits as he dressed down to speedos to adoring fans while Sky Blu twirled his extended trunk addition to his tight itty bitty speedos.

LMFAO is fun and high tempo group whose music makes you want to get up and shake that money maker. A great sound to pump you up during these dog days of summer, check out their tunes and celebrate the party with the official Party Rock Anthem.

all photos ©2012 Tom Dausner

For more info on these funky duos in LMFAO visit: www.lmfaomusic.com or www.PartyRockPeople.com



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