One of the unfortunate missed opportunities in my life is that I never got to see Michael Jackson in concert. Hard to believe that the king of pop is gone and the sparkly glove now stands still.

In Michael Jackson the IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque Du Soleil, for a few hours you can pause and imagine what such an event would have been like. This show combines the best of Michael Jackson with the mystic and magic of Cirque Du Soleil.

Michael Jackson fan with C. David Trivino, Esq at concert

Cirque Du Soleil is known the world around as the best of the best circus, one filled with contortionists, dancers, acrobats, and all around fantastic show.

The Michael Jackson the IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque Du Soleil is a mash up of both worlds.

The night kicks off at the gates of Neverland, for two hours you are transformed into the world of the king of pop.  More than a mere show filled with tribute artists, this concert takes you into his soul. From Jackson’s love of his fellow man, the environment, or legendary showmanship, this story is wrapped around his music filled in with modern multimedia gadgetry.

The real challenge is to decide where to focus your attention as the larger than life stage engulfs your senses.

With a kick off of Wanna Be Starting Something, this wild high powered number includes dancers, acrobats in tribute costumes that climb up and down the stage defying gravity.

In the course of the night one thing that stands out is how the fans forget the breadth of Michael Jackson’s work as the show takes a trip down memory lane to a young Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.  This number with the high afro performers in psychedelic outfits evokes Jackson’s innocence.

One part of the show is Dangerous as a hot bikini clad dancer climbs a pole with a flexibility that makes you yearn for a stretch.

No Michael Jackson show would be complete without a recreation of the original choreography for Thriller and the mummies come out with zombie walks and jump out of the coffins with a tombstone backdrop.

It was known that Michael Jackson’s final days where filled with preparation for the grandest concert of all: This is It, and the movie by the same name pasted together video from these practice sessions.  In a sequence that is a reenactment of the number that was designed for that tour, They Don’t Care About Us has artist dressed like soldiers wearing robot suits with LED breastplates lined up to perform in a powerful choreography in unison.

I won’t give away the whole story line to allow some surprises but the Michael Jackson the IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque Du Soleil is the show of the year, I would say the show of the decade.  It is a rare opportunity to experience what it would have been like to see Michal Jackson LIVE in person. Most of the show you are waiting, hoping, and praying that he will jump on stage. Even though that does not happen I know Michael Jackson is smiling from his perched spot on the moon while he gives his blessings to a job well done.

Michael Jackson the IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque Du Soleil runs through July 2 at Philips Arena, but the tour continues around the world.  Dust off that sparkly glove and brink out the sequence outfits with penny loafers because there is no better way to celebrate the legacy of two great worlds: Michael Jackson and Cirque Du Soleil in our fair city.

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