Hey, hey punk rockers, head on out to the Masquerade this Thursday, June 14 to get your punk fix on with the Bouncing Souls and openers The Menzingers, Luther, and The Bastard Suns. On tour for their recently released 9th album, Comet, The Bouncing Souls have blended punk sounds with catchy pop lyrics to create youth anthems for 23 years now. (Yes, there are punk rock bands out there that have managed to play music together for the better part of twenty plus years!) Comet, their latest album just dropped on June 12, 2012 – the first day of their tour and only two days before they play in Atlanta.

The Bouncing Souls’ Comet is a little more aggressively rock ‘n’ roll than previous albums, but still holds true to their punk style with catchy choruses and punk rock hooks throughout the album. During “Coin Toss Girl,” Greg Attonito’s vocals have a dream boat-y ballad quality as he sings, “Call it in the air/ Everything’s fair/ I love you like a fool/ What can I do?/ What can I do?” about crazy love, which is reminiscent of 1996’s “Quick Check Girl” on their Maniacal Laughter album and 1999’s “Hopeless Romantic” from the album of the same name. Then songs like “We Love Fun” hit on the happy, party punk rock sing-along of Hopeless Romantic’s “¡Olé!” In a few of the other tracks, notably “Infidel” and “DFA,” they dig deeper and offer up an old school punk rock sound, which is part throwback to early Bad Religion and part metal (with a wailing guitar riff and haunting vocals in “DFA”). All in all, I’m totally digging on their new album – it’s tight with smart and fun lyrics, it’s punk rock ‘n’ roll at its finest, and I’m totally stoked to see the show. I’ve always been a fan of the band, but it is quite an accomplishment for a punk band to pass the twenty year mark and not fade into oblivion or radio pop punk garbage. Kudos, guys!

Cool, random band facts: The band formed in 1989 and their name is a reference to Doc Martens shoes, advertised “with Bouncing Soles” for their air-cushioned soles. (Doc Martens have always been quintessential punk rock footwear.) Since 1996, The Bouncing Souls have been touring in the same van, dubbed “The White Castle,” until ten years and 300,000 miles required a motor and guts replacement. They still use the van and she is an “honorary” fifth member of the band. They love their fans and their fans love them back with close to 300 (known) fans sporting Bouncing Souls tattoos. In 2009, The Bouncing Souls decided to do something different for the fans and recorded a song a month for the whole year, which were available for individual digital download on the first of each month or for purchase on 7-inch vinyl in quarterly compilations from Chunksaah Records (each featuring a special bonus track).

Doors open at 7 p.m. $15 in advance. This is an all-ages show.

The Masquerade
695 North Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 577-8178