Tenacious D with Jack Black and Kyle Gass brought their The Rize of the Fenix tour to a sold out Tabernacle on Monday night. They have been going since 1994 and their music has been described as “mock rock” fusing their musical talents with their “vulgar absurdist” comedy. Also captured by TBB is  Tenacious D’s opener, The Sights! -Tom Dausner

Right, so let’s talk more about “vulgar absurdist” comedy aka my night at the SOLD OUT Tenacious D show. First off – the venue was completely sold out to the point of sweaty bodies crowding everywhere breathing in the thick aromatic air. Then there was the guy crowd surfing and moshing in a banana suit. Of course, you have a giant phallus with a cock’s head on stage. And I don’t think that words can even describe the amusement at seeing two chubby dudes rockin’ out better than some veteran rock ‘n’ rollers. Songs included riffs about the Death Star, Roadies, and even The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” was spun into a Tenacious D song. Jack Black acted like a prima donna rockstar (in hilarious jest only) and a large, green squid monster bopped around for a hot minute. I gotta say that it wasn’t what I expected at all – I was pleasantly surprised and would go to another show in a heartbeat (next time minus the work clothes and sandals though!). Oh, and when else will you see fans not only singing along to the lyrics, but young ladies flashing their boobs at Jack Black and Kyle Gass? Yup, boob flashing to atypical rockers (and no we weren’t hanging out in New Orleans at Mardi Gras either). The show was everything that you would expect of Jack Black’s comedic antics plus School of Rock grading your face off. -Laura Jorgensen

© 2012 Tom Dausner

The Sights

Tenacious D