You’re driving to the beach, ready to scream because “Call Me Maybe” just came on again for the 4th time within an hour. You need to feel and hear summer since it’s the first 80+ degree day without a thunderstorm and not a cloud is in the sky. Well, The Dirty Heads have you covered, waving you over to their shore side bonfire. It’s time to take it easy.

The sophomore release from the SoCal reggae group is a 17 track jam session, bookended by the sounds of the gulls and sea and guitars; in “The Arrival,” “what we found was a place where we could go to get away from ourselves.” And on each song, that’s the goal. No two tracks sound alike, inconsistent as summer days, devoted to partying, chilling, smoking, and lounging in the sun.

The two lead singles “Spread Too Thin” and the Matisyahu-guested “Dance All Night” aptly highlight the album’s multi-spectrum reggae, from sunny beach bumming to early a.m. haze. “Mongo Push” is a funky, sway inducing track, supported by Rome Ramirez. Hip and unusual, it wouldn’t even be out of place on something like the Jet Set Radio soundtrack way back 12 years ago. “Smoke Rings” with Del the Funky Homosapien has rough, rousing trumpets; “Burn By Myself” is buoyed by a fantastic, melodious guitar.

Nothing too heavy here, but who wants dead weight in the summer? The Dirty Heads are slick with their hooks and instrumentals–“Disguise”, for example, is a masterful blend of mariachi sounds with reggae beats. The title track, “Your Love” and “Notice” may be some of the lighter fare, but they’re dangerously breezy and addictive.

Definitely a fixture of summer 2012, there’s something for everyone at the cabin by the sea.