If I had to name off bands that formed my life’s soundtrack, then The Bouncing Souls definitely made that list. Actually they probably touched all my teenage relationships – from a mixed tape with Maniacal Laughter’s “The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics” on it to my first love picking “Quik Check Girl” as a song that reminded him of us “having a laugh at the people in their suits” – it’s all there, hopelessly romantic on mixed tapes, CDs, and MP3s. I haven’t been to a Bouncing Souls show in years, so I jumped at the chance when I saw they were coming to the Masquerade on Thursday, June 14. Plus, their new album, Comet, was released only two days before the show. So, it was a race to hear the whole album before seeing the band! Challenge gladly accepted.

The crowd was lively and energy was high as The Bastard Suns, Luther, and The Menzingers opened up the punk rock show. Before the Bouncing Souls took the stage, the crowd began to chant, “¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé!” (Yes, they were totally ready to rock out!) The stage was set with several TV’s all turned on to static and a big Comet banner behind Michael McDermott’s drum set. As the band took the stage, the TV’s turned on. Throughout the show, the TVs showed footage of the band’s different exploits. After all these years (20+), you could tell that they really enjoyed playing together. Greg Anttonio was charming as ever as he sang and he has traded in his trademark cabbie hat for a tie. Rounding out the group, Pete Steinkopf played guitar and Bryan Kienlen played bass. Songs that really got the crowd in a punk rock sing along frenzy, included “Kids & Heroes,” “Here We Go!,” “ECFU,” “Hopeless Romantic,” “Argyle,” and “True Believer.” It’s good to know that after all these years, they’ve still got it and I am still hopelessly romantic for The Bouncing Souls!

photos © 2012 Ann Bodan

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The Bouncing Souls’ Set List for The Masquerade in Atlanta on June 14, 2012:
Kids & Heroes
Sing Along Forever
Here We Go!
Midnight Mile
The Something Special
Fast Times
That Song
Highway Kings
Hopeless Romantic
Coin Toss Girl
True Believer
K8 is Great

Private Radio
Lean on Sheena
In Sleep
Say Anything
Late Bloomer
The Freaks, Nerds, & Romantics
Ship in a Bottle