As you can imagine, making a feature length film takes a lot of time and resources to make the story and director’s vision spring to life on the big screen. Now take all of your notions of what it would be like to make an independent sci-fi flick and par that down into two local Atlanta brothers working together and overtime to make their vision a reality. During the past three years, artist Art Lee Bivens and photographer Morgan Bivens have given up their time with friends and family to toll on Evolution Creek, their first 102-minute length feature film. With limited resources and a practically non-existent budget, the two creative artists had to be resourceful with their time and materials. (They did run a successful Kickstarter campaign, beating their goal of $5,000 to raise a total of $8,897 toward the production of the film.) The World Premiere of Evolution Creek occurred on Thursday, May 31 at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre in Marietta. Rolling out the red carpet, the brothers were eagerly greeted by family, friends, and others as they showed off the fruits of their labor of love. 530 guests attended this sold out show.

Before the start of the movie, attendees were able to take pictures with a motley crew of characters/ cast members, including Indians, a rogue militiaman, an angel, and a river monster. There was music, laughter, and camaraderie as attendees were able to talk to the film cast and crew before entering the theatre. Once the show began, the nearly packed house got to listen to the comedic stylings of an improv group from the Relapse Theatre. Then a team of hypnotic hoopers did a LED light hula hoop set before the final welcome for the flick.

So here’s the deal:
College kids go to an exotic island to get their party on; archaeologists go to another part of the island to get their dig on; madness ensues. Monsters and possessed militia men don’t dig the island party and a war breaks out between creation and evolution which is fought with the blood of innocent bystanders (aka possessed and non-possessed humans). Maybe the Native Americans that warned the kids in the beginning of the movie jacked them up with some peyote and this was all some sort of psychotic, tripped out nightmare…who knows? Some of the scene changes tripped out though a hazy fog.

Moral of the story:
Don’t haul your canoe over a mountain for a beautiful deserted island party because you will get jacked up. (Seriously, you were on a party houseboat in the middle of nowhere and that wasn’t good enough for you, kids?!?) Don’t eat an apple in the Garden of Eden and don’t dream about your girlfriend eating apples either. That hot chick that you lust after will never give you the time of day even on a deserted island. Angels and crazy people wear white clothes. The head honcho, professional archaeologist has a nice chalet pad built on the side of mountain (I’m thinking career change here!). A rooster lives in the Mayor’s building. Crawdads + catfish turn into the effing Predator when they are left alone throughout time in Paradise. AND even angels have lasers… LASERS, people! These silly college kids may have changed the world as we know it …. SEQUEL!

Interesting Facts:
The Bivens brothers used 7,000 clips out of a total 20,000 that they took for this film. The longest straight film shoot lasted for 38 consecutive hours. The longest consecutive days of filming totaled up to 64 days straight. There were 375 special effects included in this flick; the most elaborate and time consuming special effect lasted 8 seconds and took 48 hours to create. In total, the brothers spent 1,200 hours editing. The film was shot at Lake Lanier in North Georgia. The film racked up 25 first time IMDb credits. Art Lee Bivens was a painter and motorcycle racer before he turned his attentions to writing and directing Evolution Creek. There is a sequel in the works, after the brothers take the film through the festival circuits. They intend to pay off a boat that may have been damaged during the first film and promise to “blow sh*t up” in the second film. Kudos to Art Lee Bivens and Morgan Bivens for writing, casting, filming, creating SPX and the musical score, and doing all the post production work by themselves!

The cast of Evolution Creek includes Christina Ashleigh, Patrick Quigley, Chrissy Chambers, Tim Perez, Lauren Jedneski, Jen Thrasher, Hara Kahn, Joshua Adrian, Shana Clark, Joshua McKibben, Alicia Watson, Aaron Glockle, Adilene Anahi Pano, Arnold Bivens, Bill Rogers, Chris Simoes, David Sadowski, David Tilton, Donna McCumber, Dylan Schettina, Elle Scott, James Huguely, James Northway, Janie Hitchcock, Jason Bell, Jason Feeman, Jason Wade, Kenneth Camp, Oakley Bodie, Philip Church, Quynh Le, Stephen David Calhoun, Taylor St. Clair, Tim Batten, Tony Johnson, Troy Halverson, and Wade Jordan.

Evolution Creek

Evolution Creek movie

Evolution Creek movie