Actor, songwriter, and now author Quan Hodges has ventured into his first book Involuntary Love of A Dysfunctional Soul.  According to Hodges it broaches into the themes of drug abuse, the athletic world, and dysfunctional relationships.

He has worked with Tyler Perry and does not come from a traditional actor’s background. As to working with Perry he notes that it was good experience and Perry was highly focused.

In Involuntary Love of A Dysfunctional Soul it delves into some old hard living truths. No matter how you try, you simply can’t “save a stripper” or can you?  As in an operatic tale, the main character Chauncey had everything. He was a highly successful athlete, was soon to marry into a well to-do family and his world was filled with possibility. That is until one night he cross paths with a stripper, the sexy Apple.  Named for her shapely bottom and sultry dance, she mesmerized Chauncey and he gave it all up for her.

Now they are on a quest to find their way and break through the world of drugs, shady characters, and challenges of making a decent living.

This book is a wild ride into a look at the unintended consequences of living the fast life and discovering one’s path in a world full of noise.

Hodges notes that this book is already moving toward becoming a movie and he has cast some of the characters.

Hodges shared a sneak peek into his next book which centers on politics.  He admits that he is an independent and believes that there really is not much a difference between the two major political parties.  Taking a passage from his favorite author George Orwell, Hodges next book will be based on the future, the 2036 presidential campaign. Where as in current NASCAR drivers don body suits with ads, so will be the major party candidates. These talking heads are bought and sold by corporate America where in turn bear strong influence onto the political landscape. Sure to be another political thrill seeker.

Check out this book Involuntary Love of A Dysfunctional Soul, a wild mischievous adventure set in the sprawling southern metropolis of Atlanta and find out if you can truly save a stripper. Never a dull moment in the dirty-dirty, the ATL.

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Book Facts:

Involuntary Love of A Dysfunctional Soul

By Quan Hodges

2011 Outskirts Press 180 pp

ISBN: 978-1-4327-7630-5


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