Reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984 where the almighty “system” was supreme and no one messed with the “man”, in Evelyn in Purgatory you are taken into a time warp you might say.

There is the place where these inner city teachers that have been accused of some wrong doing sit while they wait for their day before a panel. Part of the arduous due process built into the “system” to remove any unfair biases and “fair” hearing.

This is where you meet Evelyn (Amanda Cucher) who has been removed from her teaching post and brought in to wait. She is ready for a few hours for her turn to come up, but it then transitions into weeks and months. It is here where she crosses paths with a cast of characters.

In this nondescript location the indifferent proctor Candace (Megan Hayes) keeps order in a room full of misfits. Well, not really misfits but those that violated some school board policy. Hayes stands out as an emotionless fembot, she only “follows the rules”.

Within these walls you find a coach, an art teacher, a science teacher in the mix as they wait, wait, wait…

In the course of this tale, you will discover that each is not so different, they began on a quest to teach the future and ended up side stepping the mines.

Noted as a “breakfast club” for teachers in the show’s description, these unlikely reengage group bond on a quest to stand up for what is right and reinforce that teaching is a noble calling.

Written by award winning playwright Topher Payne, Evelyn in Purgatory runs at Actor’s Express theatre.

This is only one of the plays running in Atlanta’s premier Essential Theatre Play Festival from July 6-August 5. The two other plays are The Local & Bat-Hamlet

Check out for more detail or call the box office at 886-811-4111. Essential Theatre Play Festival is held at Actor’s Express at King Plow Arts Center, 887 W. Marietta Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318


Dr. Wilson Trivino is a speaker and writer for ABC Vision, he may be reached at [email protected]