On Tuesday, July 3, FUEL was the first big name national act to grace the 120 Tavern & Music Hall’s newly renovated space. Actually, renovated is an understatement – the venue was gutted and owners installed new carpet, a new bar, a 15,000-watt sound system, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and a new lighting system with lasers. Alternative rock bands Citizen Icon and Bad Axis opened for FUEL. FUEL lead singer Brett Scallion was feisty and played up to the energetic crowd, pandering to them with guitar picks and words. He traded in his ‘90’s bleach blond short cropped locks for a look closer to Kid Rock with dirty blond long hair, moustache and goatee – a good change provided you like a little bit more dirty rock ‘n’ roll and a lot less polished pretty boy. The venue was packed out and “Fuelies” (FUEL fans) were able to go into the restaurant/bar or pool table area and catch the show being video streamed on the big screens without missing anything. FUEL played their popular hits, “Bad Day,” “Shimmer,” and closed the show out with “Hemorrhage (In My Hands).” The band is currently touring and working on a new studio album.

photos ©2012 Terence Rushin for TBB