Len Rosen’s Acoustic Showcase

Well folks,
We’ve been up and running for close to two months now, and it keeps getting better and better each week. We’ve had some top notch performers and seen a lot of new faces that are quickly becoming part of our musical family.

A little about the showcase…
It’s not an open-mic… it’s better. Each week we invite some working musicians to come and do their thing, then we open it up to those who might be a little more on the amateur side of things. Everyone gets a shot at playing, but we are focused on performers who already have a level of talent that can command and entertain the room, as opposed to a lot of open mics that seem to have beginner level talent. That being said, we will give a most people a shot, and see how it goes after the first song…
The evening will usually start off with Len Rosen playing a small set, then handing the reigns over to the week’s “featured performer”, who will play for about a half an hour. Then it opens up to everyone else in attendance. The bar staff is not only super friendly, but VERY into making Dos Amigos a music destination, so they are very supportive and encouraging to all the performers.
Please come on out to check things out. If you are a musician we can get ya up on stage. If you are not, then I can guarantee you will enjoy and be entertained by the awesome talent we have to present to you!

The rules:
-acoustic instrumentation (or things that can plug directly into the PA)
-no amplifiers
-no drama

Tuesday Nights
7:30ish to 10:30ish
Dos Amigos
2950 Spring rd. in Smyrna

Hope you can all come out and be a part of our musical family!