The third time is the charm as Jim Stacy, host of Get Delicious!, shared a sneak peek on July 1 at the Plaza Theatre.

Atlanta’s own PBA 30’s  show centers on Bar-B-Que. Stacy admitted as he introduced his show to a packed audience that he “was hesitant in doing a bar-b-que show because he did not want to start anything.”  Everyone has their favorite joint and Stacy is no exception.

Karolina Johansson and host Jim Stacy

He swings down to the southside in Jackson County with the Fresh Air Bar-B-Que which he has been visiting since he was knee high.  In this visit with his father, the senior Stacy.

In the course of his visit that move North, South, East, and West of the city, you discover that the key is good ingredients, lots of love, and maybe a good fire.

Stacy also ventures into the farm fresh as he checks out Riverview Farms and butcher shops such as Patak Bohemian Meats.

Old school is now the new school and knowing where your food comes from informs you of the best way to put good things in your body for good fuel.

In the city, Daddy Dz BBQ Joint shells out the good stuff. Over all, the program gets to the heart of some of metro-Atlanta’s best shared secrets.

Check out the show on PBA 30 on Thursday, July 5th and again, Sunday, July 8th 9 PM.

As the motto goes: Eat Local! Tip Well! Meet your Neighbors! Get Involved! Teach a Kid! Stay Fiercely Local!