Who doesn’t dream to be a pirate? That is what Molly the Mermaid discovers when she swims above the water on her sixteenth birthday.  The magic age that mermaids can go out from under their parent’s watch.

In The Little Pirate Mermaid, this young teenager discovers that pirates are cool.  These merry men sail the high seas seeking adventure and conquering new worlds.

Defying her parents, she opts to run away with a pirate ship only to discover that there is really no place like home.  This naughty adventure is tale full of excitement, danger, and discovering that good mermaids do finish first.

Be set to shiver your timbers. Arrrrrrrrr!

The Little Pirate Mermaid runs through July 15 in the happiest place in Atlanta, the Center For Puppetry Arts in Midtown. Where else can you giggle with excitement or be in awe in a world of wonder as kids of all ages celebrate the magic of puppets.  Afterwards, the cast shares some of the intricate workings of these rods, string, and marionette puppets.

The Little Pirate Mermaid is adapted from The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson and directed by Jon Ludwig. To find out more details on The Little Pirate Mermaid visit: www.puppet.org