I am nine years old and I have seen a lot of puppet shows in my life. I consider myself an expert, well almost.

I have been lucky enough to go to almost every single show at The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta since I was seven years old! I’ve seen ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’ three times now! I love puppet shows!

So when my mom said we are going to see a dinosaur show, I was all in.

The Dinosaur Show was one of my favorite puppet shows at the center. Two paleontologists were on the search for dinosaur bones. It was really funny how they tried to put the bones together. They finally got it and it ended up looking just like one of the paleontologists! Everyone in the theater laughed.

Then they showed us all the different kinds of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, of course through puppetry.

My favorite was the mommy Brachiosaurus and the baby! There was also trouble around with a little tiny egg stealing raptor and the big bad T-rex! I really liked hearing all the little kids in the audience laugh. It was really cute.

Paul Mesner Puppets put on the show and I think they did a great job! I saw them last year when they brought Martha Speaks through Atlanta.

Thanks to the Center for Puppetry Arts for letting us take home our own Brachiosaurus to make!

I am excited to see the next show, which is The Tortoise, the Hare and other Aesop’s Fables (Adapted and directed by Michael Haverty) which runs from August 2 – September 9th.

WHERE:  Center for Puppetry Arts     1404 Spring Street NW     Atlanta, GA 30309

Aleena Alex is the nine year old daughter of The Backstage Beat owners Ange and Rob Alex. She loves all things creative and hopes to one day own a bakery, be a singer and artist and a part time paleontologist.