The Wrath of Con is re-opening on Friday, August 10th at 8pm on the Dad’s Garage Main Stage. That’s right – the audiences loved this show so much in the spring that they decided to release a special edition just in time for Atlanta’s own Dragon*Con! And, just like a real special edition, this one comes complete with new scenes, extraneous CGI creatures, and even a character that’s replaced with someone that looks nothing like the original!

If you’ve ever been to a sci-fi convention, then you know the term convention tends to be used less in the sense of “formal gathering” and more in the sense of “wormhole to another dimension where anything goes and Halloween lasts a whole weekend.” Hence, a sci-fi convention is the perfect setting for The Wrath of Con, a scripted comedy that explores the eccentric, outlandish, and yet – exceptionally human realm of sci-fi fandom. Luckily, here at Dad’s Garage, we have first hand experience with this subject matter… on account of the fact that we’re all giant nerds. Get ready for amazing musical numbers, “celebrity” sightings, and a ridiculous amount of references all rolled into one night of comedy!


The Cast:  Harriss Callahan, Jon Carr, Jenny Holden, Rueben Medina, Tom Rittenhouse, Chris Rittlemeyer, and Gina Rickicki


The Wrath of Con

Directed by Dan Triandiflou

Written by Jon Carr, Linnea Frye, Z Gillispie, and Ed Morgan

Aug 10th – Sept 8th (Thurs. – Sat. @ 8pm in the Main Stage)

Pay What You Can Night: Monday, August 20th @ 8pm

Additional Shows on August 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th

No show August 31st and September 1st


Thursdays: $13 online, $15 phone & door – 1/2 off with student ID
$15 online, $17 phone & door
$17 online, $19 phone & door

*Fancy Pants (VIP) Seats: available for all evenings for an additional $5 online and by phone. Not available for purchase at door.