is a valuable resource for all members of the performance industry. It’s purpose is to serve as your own virtual booking agent online by allowing you to set up, manage and book online contracts through our system. If you are a performer Planittour will allow you to create your own online contract and will allow people to book you at any time online. You may negotiate the process online, print your contract when finished or just leave it online for viewing at any time. Planittour is more than just contract management, you can also get connected to sponsors and venues through our system along with other performers. For venues our system offers a place to search for local performers and book your events virtually to gain access to all of your local artists. Planittour also offers benefits for sponsors to get you access to our list of performers and venues. Interested in checking it out? Signup now for free!

Performer Types:
Acrobats, Bagpipers, Balloon Twisters, Belly Dancers, Caricaturists, Celebrity Look-alikes, Clowns, Comedians, Costumed Characters, DJs, Elvis Impersonators, Exotic Dancers, Face Painters, Fiddlers, Fire Eaters, Fortune Tellers, Hypnotists, Impersonators, Impressionists, Jugglers, Karaoke, Magicians, Mariachi Bands, Mentalists, Psychics/Fortune Tellers, Puppet Shows, Singing Telegrams, Stilt Walkers, Tribute Bands, Ventriloquists, MMA Fighter, Dancers -general, Artists, Soundman, Guitar Tech, Bass Tech, Drum Tech, Audio Engineer, Roadie, Merchant Sales Associate, Lighting Engineer, Photographer, Studio Engineer, Security, Performing Animal, Caterer, Broadway Dance Group, Dance Group, Showgirl, Actor, Model, Swimsuit, Model, Lingerie, Dancer, Cage, Fire Breather, Professional Athelete, Professional Fighter, Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Model, fisherman , Charter Boat Captain, Boat Racer, Free Diver, Scuba Instructor, Scuba Guide, Tour Guide, Guide, Carpenter, Set Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Bull Rider, Cheerleader, Personal Driver, Personal Appearance, Wedding Planner, Event Planner, Tour Bus Driver, Ring Girl, Referee, Producer, Master of Ceremonies, Announcer, Motivational Speaker, Usher, Cooler, Ticket Attendant, Hype Man or Woman, Spokesmodel, Valet Parking, Security Consultant, Special FX, Skateboarder, Surfer, Snowboarder, Skier, BMX, Mountain Biker, Dirt Biker, Street Biker, Wakeboarder, Water Skier, Stunt Rider, Stunt Show, Stunt Man or Woman, Rally Car Driver, Stock Car Driver, NASCAR Driver, Sales Rep, Videographer, Runner, Charter Pilot, BEGINNER, NOVICE, AMATEUR, PROFESSIONAL, SEMI-NATIONAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, Boxer, Promoter, Kickboxer, Timekeeper, Judge, Ring Announcer, and more!

We talked with owner/operator Albin Carey Blomkvest and spoke briefly about Planittour:

When did you start 

The idea came while in a band.. on tour in the year 2000
The site went online at sep.20 12:36 am 2006 in beta ..
Its “Live On Line World Wide Release” was  sep, 21 at 12:05am 2011

With your background in the music business, did you feel that this was
something necessary for other entertainers?

Yes its not only necessary its mandatory !! Everyone uses contracts in the industry.
learning about what your contract says and means is part of knowing your craft.
Perfect If you are a 1099 employee or self employed,

Have you personally had problems with contracts, venues, etc?

Power requirements,stage size,occupancy , no one on site to greet us?
not sure if were even in the right place,no one will answer the phone, guitar player is missing?
promoter didnt make enough money to pay us what we agreed to. ie ..poor promotion didnt meet guide lines as stated in contract !
poor planning ,poor promotion, You name it ive seen it ..

What makes Planittour stand out?

The first an only paperless “Virtual Performance Contract”Tm.
Your free page /cloud is your all your data is live..never FAX again!!
The service is 100% FREE ! I invented to fix all the problems in the industry on this planet!
Built an run by a performer..for performers.. all around the world!

Will the service always be free?

Yes ..The service is not only free.. the plan is to pay you for using it!
Facebook makes millions off your advertising views..
The more sponsors you get on your page the more money i split with you!

Can anyone around the country use this or is specific to Atlanta?

Yes the site is for the planet! PLAN IT TOUR
Any 1099,W2,W9, corporation or self employed  Performer,Venue,or Sponsor
In every country and all major cities
“You have to plan it before you tour it “