When my mom told me we were going to a preview night of Medieval Times, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never been before but had gone to see similar shows on vacation. Plus, I saw the Spongebob episode where they went to something just like it, so I was excited!

Medieval Times is inside of the Discover Mills Mall and it looked so cool when we pulled up and parked. It was a castle! Right there in the mall!


They blew the trumpets and in we went to meet the princess!!! We posed for a photo and got our hats. Each person had an assigned seat and team color. We were the yellow and red team. We put on our crowns and actually got to meet the knight we would be cheering for. They told us to boo the other teams… My brothers and I thought that was so funny.

We grabbed our slushy drinks and walked around. The announcer told us about the dungeon. He took us there and we went inside. It was really freaky and scary but I guess it was cool too. It had lots of things that were used to kill people a long time ago. I don’t think I would tell little kids to go in there, but adults would find it interesting, at least my parents did.

After escaping from the Dungeon, we walked to our seats and sat down just in time to meet our waiter. He was really nice and made sure we had all we need.

The show started with these beautiful horses coming out and doing tricks. It was so amazing!

Then all the knights compete and do some pretty cool stuff too.

They bring you out your dinner and you can eat while watching and cheering… or booing, whichever you want.

It was so much fun to get into it with my family. My little brother was booing the other knights and giving them the thumbs down. So cute cause he’s only five.

All in all, this is well worth the trip! The food was yummy, the show was great and I even caught the flower our knight threw! Definitely great family fun!

Just as an added plus, the great people my parents work with offered to let me give away a FAMILY FOUR PACK to Medieval Times! ($200 value) – So if you want to have fun like I did, email us at [email protected]

Aleena Alex is the nine year old daughter of The Backstage Beat owners Ange and Rob. She loves all things creative and hopes to one day run her own bakery, be a singer and artist as well as a part time paleontologist.