First off, I have to say I am the BIGGEST Nightwish fan! I have waited a long time for this night! It was a perfect way to spend my birthday.

Opening for Nightwish was Kamelot. I honestly have never heard of Kamelot before tonight but I must say they impressed me very much. They are very talented in all aspects from playing to writing and stage presence. They have a Goth Metal (kind of a cross between Nightwish and Dream Theater) sound with outstanding vocals. I am a fan for sure now!

After many years of waiting to see Nightwish . . . finally this day has arrived!

Nightwish was formed in 1996 from Fitee, Finland. A ‘Symphonic Metal’ band with awesome female lead vocals, I have not seen them since Annette Olzon took over vocals for Tarja Tunen and Annette is doing one hell of a great job.

They played many songs from their newest album – “Imaginaerum “- and many songs we have all come to love from previous albums. The show lasted about an hour and a half.


After the show, I was invited backstage to meet the band and Annette sang Happy Birthday to me! It was a great birthday for sure!