Great Afternoon with Cigars and MUSIC from ‘Blues Cat‘ Jeff Robinson and Barry Richman at Cutters Cigar Emporium in Alpharetta’ s Grand Opening. Free Cigars & fresh burgers right off the grill and libations of your choosing on the Patio with MUSIC from The Barry Richman Band!!

Cutters is a classy cigar lounge with a homey feel that makes you want to kick back in one of their comfy chairs and smoke a fat one. Cigar aficionado’s will find a very knowledgeable staff to assist  in making your selection from their well stocked humidor. Cutters strives hard to ensure that not only all your smoke needs are met, but also the health of non smokers with a state of the art ventilation system. Cutters plans on supporting local musicians with LIVE MUSIC every Friday on the patio.

The show ended with Cutter’s own Emily Woodard singing Santeria

Barry Richman is considered one of  if not the best guitar player in Atlanta having played with or recorded with some of the Greats like Clapton,John Lee Hooker ,Little Feat and Skynyrd to name a few. I have been blessed by the Rock Gods to spend every Monday nite for the last year listening to Barry play at Dixie Tavern’s Open Mic/Audition and I call him ‘The Master’. With Barry, it is all about TONE,  his original music is a fusion of Psychedelic, Rock, and Blues & Jazz matching that of his Idol, Jimi Hendrix . Barry’s version of Santana’s Europa gives me chills and he does this compilation of 31+songs he calls Barry’s Boogie it is Amazing and makes me HAPPY!!

Had a few question for Barry:
How long have you been in Atlanta and what brought you here?
I arrived in Atlanta in the mid 70s. My parents relocated to Miami from New York and I hated it down there so I ran away from home and started hitch hiking back to New York. Someone picked me up and got on the wrong interstate heading inland, instead of up the coast. They dropped me off in downtown Atlanta … and I’ve been here ever since.

When did you start playing and who was your Teacher?
My father is a jazz tenor sax player and tried to teach me alto sax as a child. I really didn’t like playing it hurt my mouth,  so I switched to electric guitar at 11.I’m pretty much self-taught but I did study a couple of years with Sigi Allen. He taught me how to read music but I was never good at it. I can remember him giving me Broadway show tunes to learn … definitely not my bag !!! I wanted to play like Hendrix, Clapton and Beck.I would learn solos note for note by slowing down the speed on my turntable Music of Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Cream, Wes Montgomery, Jeff Beck, etc. Doing that really helped develop my ear.

I know you have quite a collection of 35+ Vintage Guitars ,what was your first Guitar?
It was a Japanese piece of junk that someone had put a Fender decal on !!! Thought I had a good one till I found out it wasn’t really a Fender LOL !!!

How long have you had your current band?
I’m terrible with dates … so I’m gonna guess 10 years with Bill Diehl and Kari Savage, 5 years with Joel Edwards and 2 years with Jeff Robinson. They’re all Great Musicians and I love the chemistry we have playing together !!!

I know you spend part of your time sharing your talent teaching and have had a couple Students do very well like Zac Brown and Buren Fowler from Drivin’ N Cryin.What is some wisdom you share with your students?
One thing I try to get them to understand is that instead of spending so much time trying to play like someone else … find your own voice and sound and play what’s in your own soul.

Dead or Alive who would you like to share the stage with?
Chet Atkins “Greatest Guitar Player Ever”and of course Hendrix

Your#1 favorite memory of being on stage?
As for favorite memories about being on stage … can’t really pick just one … but some of my favorites were playing with The Allman Brothers, Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Buddy Miles, Eric Johnson … I could go on but we can save that for another interview !!!

Honestly … any night that the audience is really into the music is a great feeling for me !!!

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