I am so glad that the Alley Stage has found a new resident company, The Next Stage Theatre Company off the Marietta Square.

Dancing Sideways is running through September 22 and is written by one of the characters and principles of The Next Stage Theatre Company Rob Roy Hardie.

As a romantic comedy it has a few memorable lines, such as “if Les Misérables had strippers, then I would have never fallen asleep.”  No need to worry about falling asleep in Dancing Sideways because you will find all the glitz and glamour of sin city, Las Vegas including a stiletto wearing stripper.

The opening scene kicks off in the high stakes world of a strip club where a successful song writer Joshua David (Rob Roy Hardie) discovers refuge in the comfort of the beautiful ladies in the VIP room. Comedian Chris Rock was fond of saying that there is “no sex in the champagne room” and that is why Joshua is seeking someone who is real there.  On cue, in comes Tessa Mae (Alicia Morton), a petite sensual stripper who strips more for the attention than the hustle. She eventually plans to return to teaching and live happily ever after with three and a half adoring cats.

It is true that “bands will make her dance” as you will discover that it you can’t save a stripper but can you win her heart?  This is Joshua’s dilemma as he leans on what Auguste Rodin was known to say, “Nothing is a waste of time if you use your experiences wisely.”

Actor Paul Gourdeau is the hardest working man in show biz as he eases in and out a multitude of characters filled with insightful commentary.

This play is fun and full of unexpected twists and turns and just remembers “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Support local theatre and check out Dancing Sideways at Next Stage Theatre Company at Alley Stage. They want you make sure you are welcome and everyone at the show gets a certificate for a free movie at your local AMC theatre.  How good is that! An offer you simply can’t refuse.

For details on Dancing Sideways at Next Stage Theatre Company at Alley Stage visit: www.NextStageTheatreCompany.com , twitter @NextStageThtr or call (678)744-6398.

Coming up next is the spectacular Rocky Horror Show on October 19-November 3.

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