September 14, 2012 was the day Life in Color invaded the Kennesaw community.  The buildup had been insurmountable and anticipation at its peak.  The event started at 6:00 PM and there was line outside the stadium since a little before 4:00 PM.  When 6:00 PM came around the place was half filled and was already popping off.  The paint didn’t start until Tommy Trash took the stage, but the opening came with great acceptance.  As soon, as Tommy Trash hit the stage it was on.  Immediately a wall of paint hit everyone in the crowd and the show, his mixes, and the paint all timed together to go off just when the time was right.  The combination made for one amazing, unexplainable show.  Tommy Trash had a great combination of mixes along with the vocals that just perfectly encapsulated the moment and made for a great show with the acrobatics that went along with it in the background.  The Iris Girls, Tommy Trash, and the whole show played off each other so well it made the show feel right.  That’s a good thing when the show comes together so well that even if you just stumbled in off the street you feel right in being there.  That was Life in Color.

LIFE IN COLOR, “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” began in 2006 on college campuses in Florida. Since then, it has quickly taken the nation by storm by positioning itself as a one of a kind experience. Now, hundreds of thousands of people have witnessed this spectacular show that fuses high-energy music, art, dance, and PAINT into one mind blowing combination. Founded by Committee Entertainment, LIFE IN COLOR is truly a unique, spectacular, and innovative show that you must experience to comprehend.