Knucklehead’s new line-up . . .

Chris Gray~Lead
Phil Steiner~Bass
Michael Burdette~Drummer
Olaf Andersen~Guitar

Metal lovers & metal players packed out Players Sports Bar and Cafe in Marietta~
Wow!!! First gig! One would have thought they had been together for years!
Chris Gray defines the term “lead singer”.  Phil Steiner is a ‘WICKED BASSMAN’!  Michael Burdette is dangerous with those sticks and Olaf Andersen is pure metal!
There was representation from so many local bands to show their support for Knucklehead.
There were no egos in that room! Musicians  truly supporting each other!!
Even with this being their big night, their debut I saw something that I love seeing~
Knucklehead invited so many of their brothers and sisters from the metal scene up on stage to share a taste of what their bands have to offer.
Photog Shari Ann said it best, “The Love and Support was so thick you could smell it!”
Chris pulled Josh Burdge from ‘Rose for Tomorrow’ right off the dance floor to the stage to sing!!
Later we were treated to Craig Aaron from ‘Iron Mullet’ & Stevie Smith from ‘Mirror’. Stevie Major = Guitarnage!!
Craig oozes Metal!! Metal Jenn from Iron Mullet looks like an Angel, but rocks it like a vixen!!!
Tom Poore from ‘Tragic Souls’ was there. Nothing tragic about his voice, sweeeeeeeet rocker!!
Rick Daum that works with Chris on an original music project called ‘Oblivion Dream’ showed us his metal guitar skills!!

Excellent sound ran by Stevie Smith & lighting effects ran by Denise Mize, Knucklehead put on a top rated show!!
This show will be on people’s lips for years to come.
Where you can catch these guy’s next:
The Knucklehead Second Annual Fall Brawl Y’all!~ Hemingway’s on the Square in Marietta Sept 21-22
Iron Mullet~Saturday Wild Wing Marietta
Tragic Souls~Saturday Mia’s Bar
Mirror ~ Wild Wings- Suwanee Saturday
Rose for Tomorrow~ Wild Bill’s Wednesday Sept 19th

{{I want to give a shoutout to owners of Players – Joel & PJ Shinall for supporting live music}}

Players Sports Bar & Cafe
3101 Canton Rd. Marietta Ga

Thanks to Shari Ann & Beth Kelley

Photos ©2012 Shari Ann & Beth Kelley