Music is an extention of the Soul and Spirit. As we live we evolve, and it flows through the music. Hopefully our music says how we have grown and been influenced by the world, and the changes that have taken place in each decade. We have evolved, as has our music. Every soul has something to say.  What better way than through being free to create!!!

It is difficult and often highly dangerous to hang a label on music. Labels can close doors to some of the most exciting talents, and close ears to artists whose fresh vitality demands to be heard. Mother’s Finest is a powerful band, but they are not typical.

The group has created a sound they describe as a fusion of different musical forms- Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Gospel, R&B, Metal and Jazz – taken directly from the street to the stage to the studio, that is Afro-Euro Mosaic Soulful and Electric, transcending musical division, and negative stereotyping.

With every album there are different members, with different musical outlooks.  If you listen to all the MF album’s, the how is obvious. If we have one flaw, it’s that we understand and enjoy all types of modern, pop music, and we’re still not afraid to impliment the ideology of the unit as we see fit.

Back in the day, this kind of fusion music was rare to say the least, but the versatility and originality of Mother’s Finest, brought down many barriers.  In the late 70’s, we got started playing in a club in Fort Lauderdale Fla. called the “Flying Machine”.  Paul, the owner, gave us an audition that lasted for 16 weeks.

Mother’s Finest original members are Joyce Kennedy and Glenn Murdock, lead vocals, Jerry “Wyzard” Seay, bass, Gary “Mo” Moore, lead guitar, Michael Keck, keyboards and Barry (BB Queen) Borden, drummer. Today’s lineup includes John Hayes, on guitar and Dion Murdock on drums.  The band plays originals and covers and all the band members have had their moment writing original material.

Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom was where Tom Werman of Epic records saw Mother’s Finest for the first time in Atlanta Georgia. They went on to record their first of three gold albums “Another Mother Further”, “Mother Factor”, and “Mother’s Finest Live “.

We have been asked where the inspiration to create flows from, and is there a particular theme in our original music? As mentioned before, it comes from EVOLVEMENT! We just want to keep getting better and better. To keep it pushing in the groove. Our inspirations come from wanting to seek out the truth about longevity, health and the metaphysics of life, spiritualism, religions, to rise above the normal ways of thinking and so on.

Known internationally, they are incomparable and unique in their ability to bring it to you in concert. And today they are still one of the best LIVE bands on the planet touring year long, but calling Atlanta home.

In today’s world of multiplicity, and ethnic diversity, there is a oneness in people and music that has always been in the sound of Mother’s Finest.

Check them out tonight at Wild Bills!

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