When I saw the first installment of this crazy idea of making a rock opera with Dracula two years ago I knew it was going to be a challenge.  Del Hamilton said then “they needed the money and support” and had very little of it. Well, give it up to Del, he has done it! Wow! An amazing feat in Dracula: The Rock Opera.

When you hear the word “opera” you think of Puccini or Mozart but in this instance think the musical Jesus Christ Superstar with lots of blood and that’s what you got.

The show follows the story line of the classic book Dracula by Bram Stoker but mixes it up with beautiful maidens, scary wolves, and a killer Dracula (Rob Thompson).

Before a packed house on opening night on September 15 in the lobby there were large-scale skeleton human puppets, glassy eye filled sangria, and an audience dressed in their best bloody reds.

C. David Trivino, Esq. and Dancing Partner at Dracula: The Rock Opera at 7Stages

The music is a bit overpowering, so I would recommend ear plugs if you sit up front but the fast pace story moves along in the two acts and does a good job to keep you interest.

The costume designs were spectacular and I enjoyed in simple set designed with a backdrop multimedia screen that makes you feel like you were plopped right in the middle of the action.

With some sheer covered bare breasted girls in the mix, it is a sensory explosion that will make you root for the Count.

One warning: I was in the second row and you can find yourself in the splatter blood zone where the gore and mayhem of this cape crusader who rises to the occasion may strike you.

Dracula: The Rock Opera is spectacular and a crowning achievement for Del Hamilton who plans to move on to greener pastures and step aside for new blood at 7Stages.

Don’t miss out on what is the show of the season and one that I have no doubt will go on to grace the stages beyond the mystic streets of Lil’ 5.


Dracula: The Rock Opera directed by Del Hamilton with Justin Welborn runs through October 14 at the psychedelic 7Stages.  For details and tickets visit: www.7Stages.org

A show to die for and the perfect way to get ready for the Halloween season!

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