Grant Started the set by saying, “They call Dixie Home!!”
Reynolds and Williams were fresh from opening for Blackberry Smoke at the Brothers and Sisters Festival and the new faces at Dixie prove that their fan base is rapidly growing. The connection that these players have is a rare find and their lyrics are fresh and leaves you wanting MORE!

Their MUSIC has that familiar soulful sound of the Allman Brothers & Little Feat!

Here are a few question for the boys:

First MUSIC purchased?

Joel: First music I purchased was a Beach Boys cassette tape. Like a……greatest hits or something of that nature. Think I was 6,  loooong time ago.

Dead or Alive, who would you like to play with?

Joel: Sounds totally cliche but Hendrix. No telling what he had locked up in that head of his!

Why Grant as a Partner?

Joel: I like Grant as as a partner cause we always see each other as friends but at the same time, we are very understanding and professional about what comes our way.

Who taught you the Guitar?

Joel: My Dad used to play to me when I was a child and taught me some of my first chords when I was about 15. About a year later, I frequented a Blues Jam in Marietta and luckily ran into a guy name Bones. He was a guy that has been around the live music industry for years and had tons of  knowledge that I was eager to learn. I think he is still around Atlanta somewhere last I heard.

When did you start playing the Guitar?

Grant: When I first got interested in music, I actually started out as a drummer. I played in school bands and marched on snare as percussion captain all the way into college, along with playing kit in a few bands. I think I was around 14 when I really started to get serious about guitar. As soon as I heard The Allman Brothers ‘Live At Fillmore East’, I knew guitar was what I wanted to concentrate on.

First MUSIC purchased?

Grant: Oh man….you may not want to know. It was probably ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘ or something like that. Hah!
The first CD I remember buying with my own money was Van Halen’s “Fair Warning“. This is back when the record store ‘Turtles’ still existed, and I would ride my bike up there during the summer to sit around and listen to whatever they had available for demo. I think I bought the entire Led Zeppelin catalog in one trip. I remember the cashier looking at me like I was crazy.

Dead or Alive, who would you like to play with?

Grant:  This is a tough question. Obviously there are a million musicians I would like to play with. I know that I would love to have seen Duane Allman play, but I don’t know that I would have wanted to actually play with him.If we’re talking timeless musicians, Gregg Allman tops my list for players still living. But to be completely honest, I would like to be able to stand on stage and play with Clay Cook again. We played in a band together in high school Apart from Joel, I have never connected with anyone so well musically.

Why Joel as a partner?

Grant: I first met Joel at Nik’s Back Porch in Marietta. He sat in with a band I was playing with at the time, and the connection was instantaneous. We knew that we had something.I guess it was about three months later when he posted on Facebook that he had left his band and was looking for a new project. I called him immediately and we’ve never looked back. We work very seamlessly together as friends and as band-mates, and believe me when I tell you how rare that is. In fact, all of the guys in the band are very close. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to play in a band with four of your closest friends.

As my husband and I watched the show, he commented that the band reminded him of Little Feat and when I told Grant he said, “Little Feat was my #2 favorite band with The Allman Brothers being #1. They are without a doubt the biggest influence of my career, both compositionally and instrumentally.”

Scott Shrewsbury, soundman for Dixie Tavern, had this to say about Reynolds and Williams Band-

“You can tell just by watching them that they really enjoy playing together. Last night, Joel was playing a solo, and at one point Seth looked over at Grant with a look on his face that was like, ‘holy crap, did you hear what he just played?’ That is so cool, to see guys that appreciate each other that much.”

Catch their next show!
~ Oct 4th Dixie Tavern
~Oct 12th  Tavern 99
~Oct 20th Niks Place

Grant Reynolds ~Vocal,Guitar,Mandolin
Joel Williams~Vocal, Guitar
Seth Watters~Bass
Kevin Thomas~Keys
Ganash Giri Jaya~Drums

Photos ©2012 Tom Kettles