Voodootown is an adorable place created in the minds of those working at Grasshorse Productions in Iowa.

The idea is that every human has a little tiny, stitched voodoo doll attached to them, that secretly helps them out and looks out for them.

These really cute dolls are there to help, even though the humans have no idea the exist.

In the first book, the little girl voodoo doll Twister helps to save her human Janey from being humiliated by the cute and popular football player James.

You discover that there is a whole underground world of voodoo dolls that protect their humans fiercely. Which is exactly what Twister did for Janey.

The book was easy to read and allowed your imagination to run with each sentence.

I am a fan now and can not wait to read the second installment.

My moms good friend Ms. Jennifer works with Grasshorse and I sure hope they can send me a little doll if they ever start making them!

You can go HERE to learn all about these cute dolls. Just click on Voodootown and join the adventure!

Aleena Alex is the nine year old daughter of Ange and Rob Alex. She loves all things creative and hopes to one day own a bakery, be a part time paleontologist , singer and artist too!