Drew Allison of the Grey Seal Puppets of Charlotte, North Carolina is performing The 3 Little Pigs & More at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

Before going on to the main tale Allison takes the audience on some story favorites.

In one instance the frog needed a princess to kiss him in order to get rid of the dreadful spell from the evil witch. He struggled to find one.

In another the troll that ate everything that crossed the bridge until one day he unexpectedly became a vegan. In between sets bugs and marshmallow looking characters danced and moved around the stage.

Finally in the main attraction, the three little pigs build independent houses because they were too cramped together. The ugly, bad wolf came and huffed and puffed hard to blow their houses in.

The audience made up of mostly children laughed and cheered on their favorite characters.  In the end Allison held a contest for the villain and hands down the big bad wolf won!

This hour long show is the perfect length to share in some of the most fun stories that will make you root for the good guys.

So I swear on the hair on my “chinny, chin, chin” that this is the best puppet show around at the epicenter of fun- the Center for Puppetry Arts.

Part of the 2012-13 Family Series, The 3 Little Pigs & More at the Center for Puppetry Arts runs through September 23.


The 3 Little Pigs and More from Donald Devet on Vimeo.

For details and show times visit: www.puppet.org , twitter @CtrPuppertryArts or www.facebook.com/CenterforPuppetry Arts


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