They’ll yell. They’ll stomp. They’ll push. Push back. They can take it.



T he Deadfields are a group of amazing musicians and the energy they bring to a performance will have your soul charged for days! Their original music is soulful and playful. Their cover arrangements from country to rock were like none I have ever heard! Having four vocalists in the group adds a wide range of diversity reminiscent of the Eagles and CSN&Y. I heard the word UNIQUE a lot when I asked people what they thought of the show and many said . . .

The Deadfields should have been the HEADLINER!

The audience was up on their feet dancing and singing along!! Though for some it was their first taste of The Deadfields, I am sure many will come back for seconds!

Frontman Geoff Reid says his early influences were bands like INXS & Pearl Jam and if he could share the stage with anyone it would be Eddie Vedder. When I ask what he hoped the future held for The Deadfields, his response was, “To sustain a livelihood to support our families.”
Chase Alger, the Head Banging Bassman, said the first MUSIC he purchased was Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses. When asked who he would love to jam with, dead or alive, his response was Kurt Cobain or Dave Grohl.
Corey Chapman plays pedal steel, dobro, and banjo. He tells us an early influence of his was Ricky Scaggs and would love to play with Vince Gil. Corey hopes the current path of the group will continue and they can keep making recordings the fans will want to hear.
Then we have Jeff Gardner on Guitar & Mandolin. Jeff has been described as a guitar prodigy and is a big Rod Stewart fan with ‘Maggie May‘ being his favorite song. His first MUSIC purchased was Motley Crue and would have loved to jam with Jimi Hendrix.
Brandon Markert is a percussionist extraordinaire! Brandon’s influences come from bands Like Nirvana & would love to “Bang it With Levon Helm!!”
Part of Brandon’s drum kit for the night was an American Tourister Suitcase . . . super cool!!
Their early influences certainly come through in their style of Americana/Roots/Folk Rock’

I was asked by someone if I was a fan and of course I said, “yes!” I asked what brought him to the show and this is his story:

Rob Riggs said he was driving  through Ashville with his girlfriend and searched Carolina on Spotify and The Deadfields’ song “Carolina Backroads” came up first in the search and Rob was hooked..This show was his first chance to catch them live!

That is how you show your support for a band . . . GET OUT AND HEAR THEM LIVE!!

all photos ©2012 Bob Lee

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