Life is constantly shifting and hopping. Writer Gail Sheehy coined the term “passages” to describe life’s change, life is a continual series of “passages”. The secret to discovering happiness in life is to always be flexible and true to oneself.

In Time Stand Stills by Donald Margulies, the routine of life is dramatically shifted between James Dodd (Robin Bloodworth) and Sarah Goodwin (Carolyn Cook).  Both thrill seeker journalist in the world’s hotspots, Sarah is temporary stopped in her tracks by a roadside bomb.

This forces Sarah to take a breather and reassess her world. The title is derived from those moments in our world when “time stands still”.

Sarah Goodwin (Carolyn Cook) Horizon Theatre Photo

Raw and emotional, this drama has some very intense scenes where this couple rediscovers their love and charts a new path during this passage.

Sarah also has to come to terms to accept her editor and former lover’s new much younger girl friend Mandy Bloom (Ann Marie Gideon).

This superb talented cast rises to the challenge in creating a believable world that showcases the messiness of living, but the beauty of love.

Even with all the bad news in Sarah’s world you soon discover that tough times never last, but tough people do event as Sarah struggles to regain her footing and chart a new course.

This play will make you feel compassion for those that are fighting through a rough patch of life, but rediscover that change is hard but life don’t stop for anyone.  Things always work out.

Sarah Goodwin (Carolyn Cook) & Robin Bloodworth (James Dodd) Photo from Horizon Theatre

Directed by Lisa Adler Time Stands Still at the Horizon Theatre runs through October 14, 2012, for tickets and details visit: or call (404)584-7450.

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