readers Awards, hosted by Jason Pullman of The Bull’s Backyard Country!

Performances by Virginia Runnin, Cole Taylor, Mandy Gawley, Young America, Caterine Kimbro & Justin Gee

The Georgia Country Awards recognizes the best in Georgia through online fan voting. Also, each nominee is judged by the staff of and other state industry leaders in radio, management, etc., on their originality, showmanship, vocals, style, stage presence, how often booked, promotional skills, songwriting and general overall progress of their career. The Overall Artist of the Year is voted on by only the GC panel.

The Nominees for the 2012 Georgia Country Awards are:

Male Artist Of The Year: Justin Gee, Ricky Gunn, Andrew James, Daniel Johnson, Cole Taylor and Nathan Ware

Female Artist Of The Year: Lauren Ashley, Catherine Kimbro, Mandy Gawley, Holly Hardin, Hope Sonam and Kris Youmans

Band Of The Year: Daniel Williams & Honky Tonk Deluxe, Haley & Alexis, Highway 55, Man Made, Virginia Runnin and Young America

Teen Artist Of The Year: Dustin Bragg, Aspen Countryman, Courtney Dickerson, Trent Ewing, Jordan Grassi, Paige McCauley and Madison Shea

Other awards to be presented will be: Regional Artist of the Year, Country Bar of the Year, Small Venue for Country Music, Large Venue for Country Music and Radio Station of the Year

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