Our good friend Angie Aparo talked to us briefly about his upcoming show this Saturday with The Producers and Gareth Asher, at The Buckhead Theatre.

Angie is also in the process of recording a new solo album and working on a cartoon.

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1) Tell me about the Tim McGraw songs that came out the beginning of this year…

I wrote one of them (a song called ‘The One’) with the Warren bros..longtime co-writers of mine. The other song has a sordid past..haha. Its called ‘Only Human’ and was originally recorded by Tim McGraw and Chris Brown. Just before it was going to be released, Chris Brown punched Rihanna and Tim pulled it from his record.
A year or so later, he called me and said he wanted to re-cut the song with Ne-Yo.. Tada!

2) I hear you are working on a new solo album, when can we expect that and what is it called?

As of now the working title is ‘Joy Land’ 
Release is June ’13.

3) Also, can you give me some insight into the solo album? What the general vibe is, a story you are trying to tell, etc

Its the story of a square boy’s search for Love and God (apparently they’re not always the same). It also addresses the 
psychological effect on his (my) life. The songs feel like weird mini-musicals… to me…

4) I also hear that you have a cartoon in the works… what can you tell me about that?

The Cartoon is a short season of mini-sodes called ‘The Infidels’ (title may change). It’s a music-based cartoon and the whole season is part of a multi-media release that will include the album and a video game we’re developing.

5)  Will this cartoon feature your voice? If so, have you always wanted to be a voice actor and how do you find it similar to performing on stage?

Yea.. I’m the creator of the show and I’m doing three of the character voices. I’m also writing/recording the music for it. Doing the voices is an interesting adventure in finding those emotional characters in my throat. A lot like singing a song but without the help of a melody to enhance the emotion I’m trying to put forth.

6) What can we expect from you come this Saturday at The Buckhead Theatre?

I’ll be playing with Derek (my longtime drummer) and Will, our new bass/piano player. Mostly covering songs from my past albums… maybe an acoustic version of a few new ones… 

7) Will you be doing another New Years show in Atlanta this year? Another peach drop by chance?

Haha… Hopefully, except this time I’m gonna open the can before I drop it!


Thanks so much to Angie Aparo and our good friend Ken Green.

Check out Angie this Saturday at The Buckhead Theatre!