I saw this “lil Spitfire” when she auditioned at 120 Tavern and Music Halls Wednesday Open Mic/Auditions and Dixie Taverns Monday Open Mic/Audition. She is the total package talent, looks, energy and has excellent stage presence… a true Performer. I was asked who to compare her with perhaps a mix of Miranda Lambert, Bonnie Ratt, Judy Garland and Madonna but she has an original style all her own.
“She is a Powerful Performer that Dominates the stage!”

Angela’s music plays regularly on multiple country music stations her sixth radio-aired single, Tall Drink of Water, has been airing on 94.9 The Bull for the past 11 weeks. Angela was nominated for Best Female Country Artist by Georgia-Country nominated by the Georgia Music Awards for Best Female Country Artist and for Best Music Video for ‘I Wanna Ride the Bull’ which is the focus of a line dance taught weekly at Electric Cowboy and Wild Bill’s .The song and dance are about to be released to 250 dance clubs across the U.S.
When was the first time you performed in front of an audience and what is  your performance background?
As with many musicians, I was introduced to music through church as at early age.  At the age of 9, I began singing in the adult church choir.  Later in middle school, high school, and college, I was part of many musical theatre productions typically in the lead roles and often performing a school up from my actual age.  Even as a shy kid, I was definitely not a wallflower on stage.  I aimed to make every performance magical.  As cliché as it may sound, I lived to be on stage and I hoped it would be my ticket to see the world outside my ‘small-town’ up-bringing. My Theatre and Choir Directors encouraged me to pursue a career on Broadway, but ultimately I ended up taking a ‘safer’ path in life, accepting a full college scholarship and pursuing medicine.
How did Angela Reign begin?
In 2009, I met an ex-Nashville guitarist, Stan Roberts, at a private event at which I was a guest, but was asked to sing. After hearing me sing, Stan asked me to perform with him at some of his local gigs and strongly encouraged me to pursue music as a career. I had a good job and a nice six-figure salary, but being on stage again brought back all my passion for entertaining. I resigned my job two years ago and haven’t looked back.  I released my first CD in 2010 and started performing at various venues across Georgia and the Southeast at festivals and bar/restaurants as an acoustic duo.  Our first original on the 2010 album ‘Introducing Angela Reign’ entitled Chevy aired for 6 weeks on Atlanta’s 94.9 the Bull’s, Backyard Country show.  I then began working on my second all original album with producer &writer Wil Hodge. We released my second album ‘Livin in Between in September of 2011 . I loved the work I’d done to that point, but longed for the power of a rocking band. In late 2011, I recruited and began performing with my current band. I wanted a band that would remain relevant to our country beginnings but would appeal to harder rocking crowd and could create music that matched the energy I bring to the stage. The result is the current Angela Reign Band.
Tell us about  your guys in the band.
Justin Cain ~ Electric guitar, newest member since Sept 2012.  Trained under acclaimed author and guitarist Craig Dobbins. Attended Gadsden State on a full music scholarship, before attending the Atlanta Institute of Music where he graduated with honors and now teaches. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist, Justin is a talented songwriter and composer.
Roger Andes ~ Electric guitar; since 2011, Veteran member of multiple Atlanta-based rock bands. Brings energy and rock edge to the Angela Reign
Ricky B Sinclair ~ Bass guitar, since 2011. Veteran Bass player and vocalist from multiple bands across the U.S., Ricky brings to the band a great bass tone, fabulous vocals and a stellar stage presence.
Kevin Cooney ~ Drums, since 2011, Originally from New York, Kevin comes to us from Texas where he provided percussion for multiple bands running the gambit of genres from Americana to Country to Rock.
Who are your musical Idols?
My parents really helped shape my love for music growing up.  My mom sang to me from a very early age; everything from the Big Bopper to Elvis Presley.  Then my Dad introduced me to the 70’s greatest rockers such as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, Fleetwood Mac, etc.  Then of course, I was a product of the 80s with my older sister jamming to Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and the hair bands.  Music helps me connect to some of my earliest memories.  Some people say the sense of smell can bring back memories from the deepest parts of their brain, but for me it is music.My idols? Fleetwood Mac, Alison Krauss, Bob Segar, Lynard Skynard and the Eagles.
Do you write all your songs are do you have someone who writes with you? Where do you draw your inspirations from?
When I write, my inspirations come from my own life experiences…break-ups, marriage, & family. I’ve written songs with a number my producers, other songwriters and multiple members of my band. That said, I’m equally receptive to performing and recording songs pitched by others. To me it’s about the power I can bring to the stage with a particular song and the reaction I can invoke in an audience. There are amazing songwriters and songs out there, just waiting for the artist who can bring them to life.
When you’re not performing how do you spend your time?
I spend most of my time with family and friends.  I am actively involved with my stepchildren’s activities and my husband Mike Waller and I love to travel.  I love to go to the Caribbean and soak up the rays, but if I am not there then I love going to the California wine country to visit some of my favorite wineries.  Fitness is a big part of my life as well, so doing yoga 2-3 times a week mixed in with some hardcore Jillian Michaels workout and running is always a must!
Whats next for Angela Reign?
I’m currently working on my next EP have some amazing new songs planned for the new year and we are gearing up for an exciting 2013.
Angela has a Tibetan Mantra that she lives by“Turning Dreams into Reality” and it seems to be working, she has played some highly sought after stages and developed a strong fan base along they way.I look forward to catching a whole show!
Jake West booking rep for 120 had this to say about Angela:
“Angela Reign is an energetic, eye-catching show that cannot be ignored!”

Up coming shows:
Electric Cowboys Oct 17th
120 Tavern and Music Hall Oct 28th
Jimmy Macs Nov 3rd
Craze Tavern Nov 30th