I often refer to my sibling as brother in conversation, according to Dr. Betty Siegel, a friend and psychologist this statement “brother” signals that I have more intimate relationship with him than simply calling him by his name David.

In our lives, besides our parents, our siblings are most likely the individuals that have known us the longest.  They transcend our lives from our youths to present day. But often we take these brothers and sisters for granted without appreciating the shared blood and shared experiences.

In Apples and Oranges at the Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre, Carl (Tony Carlin) and Marie (Patricia Richardson) live as far away physically and emotionally as possible. Carl is an apple farmer in Washington State and Marie is a writer in New York City.  They both see the world in different lights and move at different paces.  Marie has a stable family life with husband and daughter in the big busy city whereas Carl lives in a hotel and has a fast-moving revolving door of “lady” friends in the quiet country.

The title of the play comes from what their mother often referred to their distinct contrast in describing them as “apples & oranges” when they were kids.

Patricia Richardson and Tony Carlin in the Alliance Theatre world premiere production of Apples & Oranges, by Alfred Uhry. October 5-28, 2012. Photo by Greg Mooney.

All this changes one day, when Carl reaches to Marie and opens up about his quest to harvest the perfect “apple”, this revelations causes a ripple that transforms their relationship and touches on the shifting waves of life, love, and family.

Apples & Oranges is a one-act production that brings a tender story of siblings, the frailty of life, and the delicacy of a good apple.

A star in her own right Patricia Richardson (Marie) is known from her television and movie roles from the super mom in “Home Improvement” or as Alan Alda’s chief of staff on “The West Wing”.  Tony Carlin (Carl) also has a long list of television and Broadway credits. They both bring to the stage a believable dynamic of the tender love of a brother and sister and the equally turbulent differences.

Apples & Oranges’ playwright is Alfred Uhry, best known by his play, Driving Miss Daisy. This is his third work at the alliance, the other being The Last Night of Ballyhoo which won a 1997 Tony Award for best play.

Don’t miss out on a world premiere of Apples & Oranges at the Hertz Stage at the Alliance Stage at the Woodruff running through October 28, 2012.

For tickets and information visit: www.AllianceTheatre.org or call (404)733-5000.


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