Do you have the best Halloween costume ever this year? Are you trying to get as much wear out of it as possible? Join Azreal and  Mykah Adams  Tuesday at Bailey’s Kennesaw.   They will be raising money to support  St. Jude’s.

is a Local southern rock band that has been playing together for about 6 yrs, we Started out just out of  High school talking about wanting to travel around the country and play music, Tyler Phelps – Guitar started out being the guitarist Billy Claypool– Drums was originally going to be Rhythm guitar then moved to bass then eventually we decided it would be easier to find a bassist then a drummer so that’s how he started playing drums, Reiner Slay – Vocals we always knew he was singing, and Cody McNeil – Bass came in later on down the line when we were looking for a bassist he originally played guitar and he was at the house one day and said “ill do it” so we said sure and we all practiced with him using a guitar amp for a bass and Reiner and Billy were routed thru the Drum speaker we had for our Electric set, and here we are now still acting crazy and having fun!

Mykah Adams is far more than the feisty little Southern belle she initially appears to be. She has an undeniable passion for music; not only as a hobby, but as a way of life. There is no doubt that her childhood played a large role in this love and appreciation for music. Mykah was born in Mableton, Georgia, but spent much of her childhood in Valdosta on her grandparents’ cattle farm. Her Papa and father were preachers, and she began singing at church by the ripe old age of two; her first song was “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.” At age four, she began playing piano, which is now her favorite instrument to play. At age ten, her Nana gave her a very special gift: her first guitar. It was a burgundy and black Johnson and she dragged it everywhere she went. Her Papa passed shortly before her seventh birthday, and she found that her strength would come, not only from God, but from the lessons her Papa taught her when she was a child. As Mykah grew older, she listened to many types of music, but was always drawn back to true country, the only thing that would soothe and encourage her. She has said that true country makes her feel as though her Papa is still there with her in her songs. When asked if she believed her dream of becoming a country star was attainable, Mykah responded, without skipping a beat: “Country is not merely a hobby for me, but it is the well from which I can draw those things from the past that were, and are, so near and dear to my heart. I believe that through prayer, dedication and hard work that dreams can actually come true. All things have a perfect timing. And it’s about dang time Country came back to what it’s supposed to be.” And what is that, exactly? “It’s a simple way of life with shotguns, pig farms, and everything fried and covered in cane syrup!” With a laugh, she finishes, “It’s raw and pure, like a simple dirt road leading to a pasture. It should be both calming and invigorating, and fully from the heart. Less Hollywood; more dirt roads.”

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