Without missing a beat, and in the midst of a 27 date tour, EDM virtuoso Bassnectar is continuing the tradition of drawing connections to the genre’s past while breaking ground for the future with his latest project FREESTYLE EP, slated for release October 16th. The six-song EP’s title track enlists the help of hip-hop’s newest authority Angel Haze who, amidst international acclaim, just signed a major label deal.   In addition, Mimi Page was featured on his hugely successful VAVA VOOM and is also making a return visit on FREESTYLE on a track co-produced by esteemed British drum&bass duo DC Breaks.  Bassnectar remains one of electronic music’s largest pulls having sold over 200,000 tickets to his shows last year and already selling over 100,000 tickets thus far this year (not including festival dates). NPR’s highly acclaimed music critic Jim Derogatis recently claimed on the Sound Opinions syndicated show “I don’t think there has been anybody this inventive making electronic music since Richard James“…”[Vava Voom is] a roller coaster ride that knows no genre boundaries and is one of the most inventive electronic albums I’ve heard in a decade“.   The release also features music from Zion I, Amp Live & Eligh and remix partner Timeline on the final track.

While there will be a daily premier of each song leading up to the release starting October 11th, you can get a taste of the EP now by listening to the FREESTYLE Mixtape released 10/3 and features bits and pieces of the EP woven within its fabrics.
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