When you think of the 70’s, you think of polyester, disco, and swinging good times.  You don’t think of the complex mundane mix of infidelity with the boring cycle of marriage.

In Betrayal, you discover that what seems to be simple can get messy awfully fast. Emma (Tess Malis Kincaid) and husband Robert (Anthony P. Rodriguez) have fallen into a bit of a routine with family, work, and the daily humdrum.  Fortunately, they both have Robert’s best friend and best man Jerry (Mark Kincaid) around to offer a bit of helping hand.

Betrayal  is set in 1970’s London and, interestingly, moves backwards from a London pub in the spring of 1977 to the lust filled bedroom of Robert and Emma in the winter of 1968.

With writing by Harold Pinter, Betrayal  is a curious web of carnal connotations where nothing really is like it seems.  Riveting and raw, Betrayal is quite a roller coaster of naughty twists and turns.

This production is also a chance to see the mad skills of producing artistic director Anthony P. Rodriguez and the seasoned grace of actor Mark Kincaid mixed in with the sensual sex kitten vibe of the talented Tess Malis Kincaid.

Directed by Freddie Ashley, Betrayal runs through October 24 at the happiest theater outside the perimeter, Aurora Theatre.

According to Ann Carol Pence, associate producer, the Aurora Theatre has the highest subscription base outside of the Alliance Theatre in metro-Atlanta, so for you city folks, check it out.  The Aurora Theatre has programming every night in October from ghost tours, kids shows, and a bit of comedy.

For tickets and information visit:  www.AuroraTheatre.com or call (678)226-6222

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