You wouldn’t normally think of curling up next to a warm fire on a cool fall night with a book on finance. However, in The Escape ArtistsNew Republic writer and senior editor Noam Scheiber does a good job of painting a riveting portrait of the Obama recovery financial team.

The great economic slow down has been a result of a woven mix of cycles, markets crashing, and shifting political winds.

No one really seems to know where it is heading or when things will get better.  With central characters of the Obama administration in play from Geithner, Summers, Rubin, and the rest, Scheiber lays out a story that will make your head spin.

Seems the Obama administration has struggled and is struggling with finding a solution. Programs, incentives, and recovery tricks don’t seem to be priming the economic pump on the road to recovery. With bread and butter issues on the table, The Escape Artists: How Obama’s Team Fumbled the Recovery is worthwhile read to better understand what the heck is going on.

I found the book a good blend of policy wonkiness mixed with the descriptions of the strong personalities that make the policy in the highest levels of our government.

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Book facts:

The Escape Artists by Noam Scheiber

2012 Simon and Schuster 210 pp

ISBN: 13: 978-1-4391-7241-4

eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-4391-7242-1


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