The cover of this book is pretty in pink, featuring a beautiful girl on a bicycle. You learn to love the main character Odie (pronounced O-deel). This twenty-something is struggling to find her own groove. Her adventures are a blend of work, love, and play.

Enter Jack Blevins, a questionable man of twenty-five who is trying to capture the ins and outs of life via a tape recorder. A bit nerdy and needy, this bespectacled lost soul crosses paths with Odie and a bit of a spark ignites. However, their connection begins a roller coaster of flurries.

Written in short narrative pages and quick moving passages, the fun is the peek inside the world of the turbulent twenties of two different characters. Office Girl is a fresh observation of a girl on a bicycle celebrating life’s youthful adventures. Author Joe Meno captures the voice of Odie and Jack in a fun whimsical book.

There are some fun doodles within the book, too! A bit saucy, Office Girl book is a joy to read.

Book Facts:

Office Girl: A Novel by Joe Meno

2012 Akashic Books 280 pp

ISBN-13: 978-1-1775-075-2


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