Why would a man read a book titled Value Your Vagina, you might ask? Well, besides the title and my curiosity in the subject, Shay Williams has a long list of successful book on relationships.

Williams notes that she comes from a family of “players” and her father, who at sixty two had sired his thirteenth baby, took his daughter aside and taught her the ins and outs of the learning the rules of the game.

This book is more about simple sex; it’s also a good map to place a high esteem on your own individuality. With anecdotal stories and simple advice, this book is a guidepost for the modern lady.

Williams promotes safe sex, but she does take a radical approach of saving it until marriage.  Simply keeping your legs cross and toy box opens will help you find a compatible partner.

Relationships are complex and when you throw sex in the mix, men definitely take on a different approach than women.  Williams has had her list of failed relationship and hurt, but you get a sense that this book is one of an older woman who wanted to share her wisdom with the younger girlfriends.

The book also expands on what to do after he “puts a ring on it,” how to be a sex kitten, and how to make sure you have an open and fulfilling relationship.

So to all the single ladies, give this book a try and see if this pious approach will cure your “baby daddy” drama or even singledom drama. You are never too old to be choosy. So kick up your standards and find the man of your dreams.

Book facts:

Value Your Vagina by Shay Williams

2012 Black Dolphin Publishing 276 pp

ISBN: 978-0-9823084-7-9


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