Things are hot and spicy in the Turnover Family ranch house in the summer of 1986. Mama Wheelis (Betty Mitchell) is holding her own as the last standing matriarch of the family.

However, Buford “Daddy” (Barry N. West) is not well. He has had a series of mini-stroke and he is on the way out.

In a good ole’ Southern style the “family” comes together to say their good-bye and help make Daddy’s last few days special.  What ends up happening is that it opens up new wounds, creates new ones and reminds everyone of the frailty of life.

The kids range from the Holy Roller sister Lurleen (Barbara Cole Uterhardt) to the caregiver Sara Lee (Amy Morrow) and the sex kitten Evalita (Colleen Gaenssley) with the sanitation clueless engineer Orville (Jeffrey Brown) watching it all from the sidelines.

Being raised a southerner; I appreciated all the idiosyncrasies of the Southern way.  From the big hair, to the big everything, this touching tale will have you laughing, crying, and leaving you wanting to say, “bless their little heart”, they do mean to do the right thing. But it is amazing how a little inheritance can shift family loyalties.

With no stereotype left behind, you will enjoy peeking into the adventure in the Turnover family where green is stronger pull than blood-red where bands do make you dance.

A sure hit, Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s got the Will? directed by DeWayne Morgan and by Del Shores at Onstage Atlanta runs through October 20, 2012 and marks the start of this theatre’s forty first season.

To find tickets and keep up to date on their soon to be announced new location, visit: or call (404)897-1802.


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