DoryDrive CD Release PARTY for their new album “Calling On Angels”
Nashville, Tennessee/ Milwaukee, Wisconsin alternative, pop rock act DoryDrive sprung to life in the early spring of 2010. The bands make-up consists of former members of Echovalve (Rock Ridge/Warner) and Marashino. Seasoned veterans excited to embark on their new adventure, DoryDrive has toured relentlessly working hard, garnering the attention of major labels. DoryDrive has had a full page publication in Guitar World Magazine for The 2012 Big 4 of Thrash November issue as well as being featured on ABC news, spotlighted for a Mall of America acoustic performance and opening for Hinder at Summerfest. The band has achieved and has been awarded the 2011 Tune Lab Music “Best EP and Best Vocal Performance (All the Same)”, given multiple interviews including a two page article in Alternative Revolt Magazine and Los Angeles, CA based The summer of 2011 also landed DoryDrive a full artist endorsement deal from Greg Bennet Guitars (SAMICK) which includes providing all electric and acoustic guitars that are showcased in every performance. The band also welcomed Red Rocket Entertainment, Eruption Effervescent Energy Drink, Love Gone Apparel, Reuse Jeans, Public Relation Divas, Stage One Merchandise and Stage Level productions and promotions for additional support and representation. Finishing up their highly anticipated full length album, 2012 is already heating up for the band and there should be exciting news to follow! Let your rock fist fly, it’s time to enjoy the journey together! Rock and roll …

The Dreaded Marco The dirtiest rock n roll you’ve heard in years, pipin hot and fresh out of Atlanta! The Dreaded Marco stands as a reminder of what named the South dirty. The band began as a brain child of Charlie Sheets (Echovalve, Circus House Band) and Dixie Duncan (Echovalve, Eye Empire), long time friends and veterans of Atlanta’s rock music scene. The two booked studio time with engineer/drummer Mike Froedge (Black Label Society, DoubleDrive, SpeedX) at Open Sky Studio in Atlanta and began working on songs together. Five weeks after the decision to form the band and make an EP, the boys stepped into the studio with riffs they really loved playing, melodies that just stuck out to them, and an open mind to how far they could go with their ideas. Raw rock n’ roll, nothing but sonic attitude, hip shaking grooves meet head banging beats. The addition of Scott Williams on bass guitar brought another jazz groove and boogie influence into the Marco style. The listener truly hears the different influences of the members, ranging from the original American rock n roll that folks now call country (Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvis, etc.) motown, blues and jazz, classic rock to industrial, and modern rock. The sound or genre the band would be classified in was an afterthought for The Dreaded Marco, and that freedom birthed a truly original sound.

The Breakdown  Samuel Mendoza,Wesley Mendoza and Ted Braunius brought up in GA, this is a band of family and friends with a killer sound. The Breakdown have completed two e.p.’s with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount(Cartel, Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd), and have done a number of singles with producer Samuel Ash(who is also the bass player for the Spanish Rock Band ZERI). They have a large fan base in the Atlanta area and have done some southeast touring from New York all the way down through their home state of Georgia!  The guys in The Breakdown don’t just sing it; they bring it!

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