For seven years, one of Atlanta’s best traditions for the Halloween season has been the Center for Puppetry Arts’ The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast by Jon Ludwig and Jason von Hinezmeyer.  Now they are on the farewell tour of sorts. The Last Ghast is hosted by the Dreadfuls, a befittingly disjointed family who are a hilarious bunch and dead-on the spooky tales. Simply Dreadful keeps the party going in the dark theater.

It is a mix of skits and musical numbers that you can’t help but devilishly enjoy.  The kick off, and my favorite, is Le Petit Vampyr, an original Ghastly Dreadful.  It’s about a lil’ vampire who roams the streets of Paris until he finds his muse, a buxom lustrous blond. He ventures to climb his conquest, even claiming the twin mountain peaks for “France.”

There is some sweetness in The Girl in the New Dress where she is beautiful and in “love,” mixed in with a little psycho twist.

This two act show will not disappoint and as the porter learned in the last train in The 11:59. Everything has a last ride and event The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast will end.

Tickets are going fast and the night I went sold out!  Join The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast through October 27th at the happiest and most psychedelic place in Midtown, a gem of Atlanta –The Center for Puppetry Arts.

For a Q&A with the Ghastly, visit:

For tickets and show times visit: or [email protected]  or call (404)873-3391

Coming up on November 17th, there is a special feature of the movie Best of XPT, curated by Michael Haverty and followed by a talk back with XPT Filmakers.


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