“Marty’s music takes me on a soulful journey”

Marty Manous  was considered to be a guitar virtuoso at the early age of 16. Now, Marty is the lead guitarist, front man and composer for his band The Marty Manous Band.

Marty often performs and records with many side projects, working with names such as late drummer Cliff Davies (Ted Nugent and Grand Funk Railroad). He has opened and shared the stage with many top acts like Mother’s Finest, George Lynch of Dokken, The Fabulous Thunder Birds, Foghat, Todd Smallie of the Derek Trucks Band, Ricochet, and The Answer from the U.K. Marty released his first self titled album to a sold out crowd opening for Mother’s Finest.  Musical influences range from British blues, delta blues, progressive rock and jazz and country.

Wanting to know more about this wonderful player, I had a few questions.

When did you know that singer/songwriter was your future?

The guitar was and is my first love. I almost immediately started writing when I first picked the guitar up. Singing came later. Performing is my passion and everything feeds into that.

What is your training?

I graduated from Atlanta Institute of Music, where I studied under many great musicians; studying with Carl Culpepper and Jimmy Herring had a huge impact on my education and abilities. They are two truly amazing guitarist/composers. I am always pursuing knowledge. I study vocally at Jan Smith Studios and plan on continuing my education in music with a master’s degree.

Who are your Musical Idols and why?

I have so many influences; sometimes it’s hard to pin them down. I would say British blues bands like Jeff Beck, Cream, Free, and Led Zeppelin had a huge impact on me because they took the blues and made it heavy and added big guitar riffs. Warren Haynes and the Allman Brothers also influenced me a great deal with their songwriting and the ability to really take them to a new level live with intense performances. I am a guitar freak and Eric Johnson’s total command of the instrument and tone will always be apart of my playing. I love Joe Bonamassa and what he does as well. We have all the same influences and interpret them similar.Vocally, I gravitate to guitarist/singers because I can relate to their approach easier. Clapton, Warren Haynes, Bonamassa and so on.

Marty I love your Song “Day’s Past.” Tell me about it.

Thank you Kelleye, it’s always nice to hear that people enjoy my songwriting. Day’s Past is a true love song. I wrote it when I 16. I fell for a girl that I knew since 3rd grade. On a side note, it did not work out for me, and I don’t know if she even knows I wrote that song for her. I consider it a page in time and part of me growing up. I still enjoy performing it and every girl I’ve ever dated has told me that the song was about them. (Laugh) My female fan base tends to relate to that song more. I guess I tend to be a bit of a romantic some times.

Advice for young players?

My advice for younger musicians–I’m still fairly young–I would say is to educate yourself go to school, study music and music business. Never let anyone tell you that music is not a career and never play for free! Unless its for charity or your just jamming with friends. If you are educated and present a professional product you should be paid for it. No question.

I would like to thank you, Kelleye and The Backstage Beat for taking the time to do an interview with me and all the support that you give in the music community.

Catch Marty live:
Cove Bar and Grill~ Oct 26th & 27th
Niks Place ~Oct 28th
Cove Bar and Grill ~Nov 16th
Reds Timbers ~Nov 23rd