Any time I visit the zoo, I can’t help but exclaim, “lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!” But when in Atlanta, don’t forget to add the pandas and giraffes!  On October 13, Jazzoo 2012 was held at Zoo Atlanta.  Proceeds from Jazzoo are used to support Atlanta’s internationally acclaimed Great Ape Programs, such as the Great Ape Heart program and the Primate Research Department. This event included plenty of cocktails and yummy bites.

The event was a combination cocktail party and educational trip to the zoo.  The zoo staff were in full force for close-up viewing of the wild residents.  There was a cute alligator (if one can call an alligator cute) that was about 24 inches long. Hard to believe that the little fellow can grow to be over 8 foot long!

Thanks to all of the beverage sponsors, there seemed to have been a cocktail station every 20 feet.  Some of the sponsoring restaurants included Six Foot Under, H. Harper Station, and Tin Lizzy’s.  The food variety ranged from Indian vegetarian, beef Wellington, to hamburgers and turkey sliders.

The center was the big Ford Tent, where the band The Breakfast Club performed a wide range of dance hits.  It was difficult to just stand still when Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer was being blasted.

Though the attire for the evening was to be black tie creative, several individuals focused on the creative. Near the end of the evening, there was a costume contest.  The host committee selected attendees for this fun moment.  On stage were a full out ape, a zebra, a giraffe and a very creative bumble bee.  After asking for the crowd to shout out their favorites, the winner was the bumble bee.

Zoo Atlanta is a wonderful venue and Jazzoo is a great cause.  Mark your calendar now to attend next year’s Jazzoo!


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