If you really want to experience a full classic Shakespearean play, there is no place better than the Shakespeare Tavern.  This place also is one of the only 3 places in the planet that has performed all of the Bard’s plays.

Playing now on the main stage is Macbeth, just in time for the spooky Halloween season.  It teaches you that you can’t simply kill one person; you’ve got to keep on killing to cover your tracks. Your worst enemy can be the guilt fueled by greed and revenge.

Macbeth (Andrew Hochines) comes back from battle with Banquo when they are stopped by the three Witches, who showcase a triple prophecy that illuminates a path to the kingship for Macbeth. The passage is not clean, but a bit dirty as it spurs Macbeth to commit murder and creates a certain mess.

From the opening battle scene to the killings, no one is left without blood on their hands. What I really enjoy about this story is that the intense dialogue of human emotion keeps you on the edge of your seat.  A fantastic story in the perfect theater with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.

Macbeth runs through October 28th. Come see the dark side of Shakespeare.  Next up is Titus Andronicus: Blood, Guts, and Glory from November 1st-15th.

For tickets and info visit: www.ShakespeareTavern.com or call (404)874-5299.

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