As an homage to Orson Welles’ Macbeth, the Georgia Shakespeare, with the support of the National Black Arts Festival, is presenting a version of this Bard’s tale with spooky naughtiness and voodoo imagery thrown into a contemporary medieval setting.

Welles took part in the Works Projects Administration in their Federal Theatre Project, bringing this version of Macbeth into Harlem where upwards to 10,000 people crowded the streets for opening night.

The stage is mixed in with multimedia, colorful contrast, and large drapes that capture the imagination.  Macbeth is a story of how Macbeth and Banquo, two generals of war, come home after putting down a bloody rebellion. After being foretold of a disturbing future, Macbeth is distressed and begins a killing spree. Unfortunately, one murder turns into several until everyone gets a bit of blood on their hands.

One of the most grueling Shakespearean plays, it is set in an atmosphere of evil and paranoia that adds perfectly to the Halloween season.  It was also good to see a Shakespearean production with a diverse cast.

Neal A. Ghant is a stand out as Macbeth and it is good to see Enoch King stretch his acting wings by playing the Witch/Porter a sharp contrast from his typical comedic straight man roles.

Sometimes wicked this way comes… Macbeth runs through October 28th. For tickets and show times visit: or call (404)504-1473


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