It is few times that I went to see a show and was yearning to be in my PJs with a warm cup of joe in my hand. But this was the feeling I had when I went to experience  a live taping of the NPR Saturday show Wait wait…don’t tell me! at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.  This live taping on September 20 was to air the following Saturday.

The format is very simple the host Peter Sagal with straight man Carl Kasell bring in guest who play a jumble of trivia, lyric challenges, and the fun guest who has a cool job.

The guest that night had a southern connection with local writer Roy Blount, Jr and Faith Salie who grew up in Atlanta.  Mo Rocca is a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning show and has a book All the President’s Pets.

The guest for the not my job was head of the CDC Thomas R. Friden, MD, MPH, who had just flown in from Washington, DC. Some breaking news that night was that “zombies  do not exist” and he has a passion for sweets. Whereas Roy Blount, Jr. threw him a warm fried Varsity apple pie.  Not missing a beat Peter Sagal told the CDC Director, “you know that could kill you” and admitted that is the first time he could say that to someone like that.

What is interesting is how quickly the show runs and Carl Kasell plays the straight man the whole time, keeping a monotone pace. The highlight was to see the mind and creativity of Peter Sagal as he kept the momentum moving even when the guest host comments jokes fell flat.

I listened to the show on WABE 90.1 and did pick up some things I did not hear at the live taping, I guess with all the distractions, you don’t listen as closely as you should. The full house was a testament to the success of this show and now I felt at home with my fellow NPR listeners, from now on I will picture them as a settle into my Saturday morning with this smarty pants crew.

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