For one moment, a coordinated effort to bring a rally cry to policy makers about chronic malnutrition brought together a room full of tweeters.

The hosting group, ONE, is a grassroots advocacy organization that fights extreme poverty. They are also a group that is not interested in raising money but getting lots of people on the same page for one big voice.

Bravo TV’s Top Chef Master Hugh Acheson led the group in sharing his passion in teaching simple recipes that anyone can use.  Vitamin rich sweet potato was the “secret” ingredient.

Acheson made sweet potato soup–very simple–roast some sweep potatoes in the oven, put some onions in a big soup bowl, mix in some chicken stock and water with natural herbs and insert the sweet potatoes. Take a hand held blender and mix it up.  Some wonderful soup topped with raisins and something sweet.

Acheson comes from a long list of book smart individuals; he did not find his niche in traditional college, so he found his passion in food. This lead to his career in restaurants and he now employs over 170 individuals.  As a chef, he promotes healthy living.  Acheson acknowledges that we have plenty of bad food and need to steer near better food.

Chef Acheson and C. David Trivino, Esq.

In Atlanta, Acheson has his midtown restaurant Empire State South.  He also has  a cook book A New Turn in the South.

At noon we were told to write out this tweet, which you can do to do your part in saving 25 million children by 2016.

Tweet: @stateDept #SecClinton Create a #Recipe4Change Put global nutrition on the agenda. 25 million kids are counting on it

ONE is cofounded by Bono and is backed by 3 million members who fight extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Check out:

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