Pablo Francisco is coming to The Punchline tomorrow night through Sunday… make sure you get your tickets now to see this one of a kind comedian.

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Our new comedian pal Steve Kiley asked Pablo a few questions this week… enjoy

The Movie Preview guy, great bit, and so dynamic in terms of material.  You could probably build an hour plus with that guy, and keep an audience rolling… great for them, but my question is, do you/have you ever tired of doing that voice?  And how do you keep it fresh?

I dont get tired of that voice but that voice sometimes get tired of me.I do say the alphabet every morning.

 You are very physical on stage, and sweat your face off… What kind of physical training and conditioning do you do, as to not pass out from exhaustion?

Two sets of power pushups and the rest is on stage.

It seems that the comedy audience has gotten a little sensitive in terms of comics material, and response to hecklers.  Does this effect your performance style, or writing, in terms of holding back because of fear of the backlash?

 If someone wants to play then they automatically get kicked out and I keep the pay.

Do you think comics have the right to say whatever they want, apologetically?  (with the obvious exception of KRAMER or any other potentially riot forming language)

 Yes I believe comics can say whatever they want as long as its honestly funny.

How far away do you think the industry is from giving every worthy comic a TV show, like they did in the 90’s, but with a more DIY, less studio exec influenced, brand of show…  And what would the Pablo Francisco pitch sound like?

Not too far because the internet is going to become one big media network giving everyone a chance to create and view what ever they want.