The Frisch Marionettes of Cincinnati are in  town showcasing Peter and the Wolf and the Frog Prince at the Center for Puppetry Arts through October 21.

Puppeteer Kevin Frisch starts off showcasing the wide range of marionettes on stage. This Saturday afternoon, he had one of Geppetto, Pinocchio’s dad, smaller than the puppets used during the performance.  Marionette is a French word meaning string puppet.  With magical antics, Frisch moves the marionette every which way but loose.

The larger sized puppets move with full view of the puppeteers, which is a new experience for me. This does not distract from the stories but their body language enhances the movement of the marionette.

The double feature is of Peter and the Wolf , which moves to the tunes of classical musical sounds from flutes, violins, and French horns.  In this tale, Peter is told not to go out into the meadow; it is dangerous.  Being a precocious boy, Peter goes out anyway where he finds the dangerous wolf.

The second story is about the frog prince who seeks to be relieved from his awful spell.

Peter and the Wolf and the Frog Prince at the Center for Puppetry Arts runs through October 21.

In repertory production, The Ghastly Dreadfuls – The Last Ghast are making their final farewell run. It is a great combination of naughty and scary. This cult favorite is the best way to get into the scary Halloween spirit and runs through October 27.

Coming up next from October 24-November 4, don’t miss out on The Headless Horseman of Silly Hollow by the Frogman Mountain Puppeteers of Bar Harbor, Maine.  This is a new spin on Washington Irving’s famous story.

For tickets and details visit: or call (404)873-3391.


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